A Shared Vision for the Future of Video Streaming 2018-03-26T10:13:22-04:00

A Shared Vision for the Future of Video Streaming

Video is an essential part of our lives. From quick little videos and video chats with distant family and friends to watching the latest feature films and news, video enriches our lives, allows us to share, and brings us together. It’s so important that video will account for 82 percent of all internet use by 2021.

But until today, very few of us had access to the best video technology. Enabling technology was out of reach due to high cost and complex legal terms. The result is that businesses and consumers are not only missing out on better quality, they’re also paying more to stream video due to the larger file sizes required by older technology.

That’s why some of the most recognizable, respected names in video technology and video delivery got together to form the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). United behind a shared vision to change how media technology is created and delivered, AOMedia members have pledged to develop the best video technology and to make that technology royalty-free so everyone can enjoy it.

After nearly three years of technical work by the top video leaders and the broader open-source development community, AOMedia has released the game-changing video codec, AV1.

Through our collective expertise, AOMedia has made AV1 publically available to help meet the growing demand for top-quality video streaming across the full spectrum of modern devices, for users worldwide. See our Get Started pages to learn more about the most advanced video codec available today!