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The Big Picture

Streaming video is a hot commodity on a vast array of devices and digital platforms worldwide. Can you imagine a day that does not include viewing or sharing a video on one of your devices? Video is so important that by 2021, 82 percent of all the world’s internet traffic will be video, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2016-2021.

As customer appetite and expectations for fast, ultra high-quality video continue to grow, the mission of all of industry leaders is to develop new technologies in order to fulfill and surpass customer expectations.

AOMedia unites top tech leaders behind a collaborative effort to offer open, royalty-free and interoperable solutions for the next generation of media delivery. The Alliance’s shared vision is to make media technology more efficient, cost-effective and of superior quality for all users, on all devices, and on all platforms using AOM standards & tools.

Assertion: AOM member companies are committed to continuing to provide the focus and investment required to develop and maintain a future roadmap of standards and tools for AV1 and media delivery.

A Shared Vision for the Future of Video Streaming

Here’s what some of our AOMedia collaborators have to say about their collective mission.

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