AOMedia Steering Committee

The AOMedia Steering Committee is responsible for the leadership and general management of AOMedia, including setting its mission, vision and objectives. The Steering Committee consists of the following representatives:

Member Organization
John Elovson Amazon
Krasimir Kolarov Apple
Dale Mohlenhoff (Finance) Cisco
Matt Frost (Chair) Google
Iole Moccagatta Intel
David Ronca Meta
Steven Lees Microsoft
Daniel Nazer Mozilla
Anne Aaron (Vice-Chair, Communications / Membership) Netflix
Frans Sijstermans nVIDIA
Kwang Pyo Choi Samsung
Shan Liu Tencent

Codec Working Group

The Codec Working Group (CWG) is tasked with creating next-generation royalty-free video coding technology. The first deliverable from the CWG was the AV1 Bitstream & Decoding Process specification, and corresponding libaom reference code, published in June 2018.

Current main focus areas:

  • Maintenance of the AV1 specification.
  • Maintenance & improvement of the AV1 reference software (libaom).
  • Exploration of new image & video codec technologies, beyond AV1.
Name Role Contact
Adrian Grange, Google
Andrey Norkin, Netflix
Co-Chair wg-codec-chair@aomedia.org
Urvang Joshi, Google
Krishna Rapaka, Amazon
Leo Zhao, Tencent
Software Coordinator wg-codec-swc@aomedia.org

Testing Subgroup

The Testing Subgroup is responsible for all aspects of testing the performance, coding gains and complexity of the AOMedia video codecs, including: defining the common test conditions, defining and executing subjective tests, tracking the performance of the video codec under development, and maintaining the AOMedia testing infrastructure.

Name Role Contact
Ryan Lei, Meta
Yeping Su, Google
Co-Chair sg-codec-testing-chair@aomedia.org

Incubator Subgroup

The Incubator Subgroup is a place to discuss and get feedback on early-stage ideas, beyond the capabilities of existing codecs, before they are ready for consideration for inclusion in a specification.

Name Role Contact
Xin Zhao, Tencent
Debargha Mukherjee, Google
Co-Chair sg-incubator-chair@aomedia.org

Software Implementation Working Group

The Software Implementation Working Group (SIWG) is responsible for creating software encoder implementations that are optimized to deliver excellent video compression at complexities compatible with deployment in an extensive range of video delivery use-cases. The work of the SIWG leverages the SVT-AV1 codebase, together with the research work done in the Codec Working Group, to develop production-ready encoders for all AOMedia video codecs.

Name Role Contact
Ioannis Katsavounidis, Meta
Roman Chernyak, Tencent
Co-Chair wg-sw-implementation-chair@aomedia.org
Hassene Tmar, Meta Software Coordinator wg-sw-implementation-swc@aomedia.org

Storage and Transport Formats Working Group

The Storage and Transport Formats Working Group (STFWG) is responsible for the development and maintenance of specifications and associated reference code in the following areas:

  • Storage and transport formats for media data and time-aligned media-associated metadata
  • Signaling for the combination of media, including synchronization
  • Signaling for the protection of media
  • Signaling for the rendering of media
  • Management of ITU-T T.35 AOMedia Matadata payloads for codec-agnostic, time-aligned media-associated metadata

This includes the development and maintenance of specifications such as the AV1 image format (AVIF), the carriage of AV1 video streams in ISOBMFF & CMAF, and the carriage of AV1 in an MPEG-2 TS.

Name Role Contact
Cyril Concolato, Netflix Chair wg-stf-chair@aomedia.org

Volumetric Visual Media Working Group

The Volumetric Visual Media (VVM) working group develops specifications for the efficient coding and the support of streaming of Immersive/Volumetric Visual Media considering broadcast, download, and interactive applications. The group focuses mainly on developing compression technologies that could be integrated with any scene graph representation.

The group is currently focusing on static 3D polygonal mesh compression, and static 3D point cloud compression.

Name Role Contact
Khaled Mammou, Apple
Shan Liu, Tencent
Co-Chair wg-vvm-chair@aomedia.org
Dimitri Podborski, Apple Software Coordinator wg-vvm-swc@aomedia.org