Work with AOMedia

Executive Director, Alliance for Open Media

Job Title: Executive Director
Reports to: Board of Directors
FLSA Status: Part-time, Exempt, Salaried

Please respond to not later than November 15, 2021


The Executive Director reports to and works in partnership with the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Open Media to provide strategic and operational direction to the organization, serves as a spokesperson and evangelist for the Alliance, and also acts as its chief administrator. The position requires a strong combination of strategic insight, operational awareness, effective communication, and domain knowledge of the digital media industry. The Executive Director shall have a willingness to provide hands-on support for day-to-day activities, and to facilitate the work of volunteer and staff resources. In general, the Executive Director performs all duties incident to the office of Executive Director and such other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, by the Bylaws, by the Membership Agreement or which may be assigned to them from time to time by the Board. The statements below are intended to describe the essential duties of the Executive Director. They are not intended as an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Guides in the development and execution of current and long-term strategic organizational goals and objectives. Establishes plans to achieve goals set by the Board of Directors and works with volunteers and staff to implement policies, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

  • Identifies trends and industry issues that impact the Alliance and its work. Identifies, builds and maintains senior-level relationships with industry decision makers. Evangelizes the benefits of the Alliance and expands its footprint within the industry.

  • Operates a continuous outreach program to promote friendly cooperation and collaboration with other relevant organizations, through formal liaison requests where appropriate.

  • Fosters the inclusion of research organizations in the Alliance’s work, by organizing an annual research symposium, and other targeted industry events throughout the year, and through the creation of an integrated research program that facilitates the sponsorship of key research projects by Alliance members.

  • Promotes and acts as spokesperson for the Alliance and its mission. Proactively promotes interest and participation in the Alliance. Engages with audiences at industry conferences by speaking formally on behalf of the Alliance.

  • Ensures that the Alliance serves the needs and interests of its membership pursuant to its mission and overall governance structure, facilitates communication between Members, including providing timely notices of meetings.

  • Partners with Alliance leadership to identify new corporate members; proactively solicits new members and sponsors; fosters ongoing strategic relationships with members and the industry at large.

  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with key members and volunteers – in particular the member leaders of the Alliance’s key work streams.

  • Perform such undertakings as are necessary to manage the day-to-day needs of the Corporation, including scheduling meetings of the Board.

  • Works with the Treasurer and deployed accounting resources to develop and manage the annual budget. Presides over plenary sessions of All Member Meetings.

  • Assesses applicable performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement; determines areas needing cost reduction and program improvements; routinely recommends strategic solutions to the Board of Directors.

  • Recruits and manages the staff resources necessary to carry out the work of the Alliance, in alignment with the Alliance’s established budgets. Is responsible for addressing all personnel matters that arise.

Education & Experience Required

  • Prior experience in a high-tech environment and extensive knowledge of the digital media industry.

  • Experience in dealing with, and participating in international technical standards organizations such as, but not exclusively, MPEG, DVB, 3GPP, W3C, IETF.

  • Experience in a trade association environment, in particular working with Boards of Directors of such an organization.

  • Track record of execution and achievement – results orientation.

  • Demonstrated experience in being able to motivate people (volunteer and staff).

  • Strong commitment to successful volunteer-staff partnerships.

  • Excellent communication skills, particularly an ability to translate technical topics and discussions into presentations and/or text easily understood by a variety of audiences.

  • Effective at speaking publicly on technical topics for a technical audience (experience presenting technical topics to non-technical audiences is also valued in this role).

  • Must be comfortable as the public face and advocate of the organization.