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Latest News on AOMedia and AV1

News on the subject of AOMedia and the creation and adoption of its revolutionary new AV1 video codec is fast and furious. Below is an up-to-date resource of AOMedia and AV1 in the news.

Firefox 67 launches with WebRender and cryptomining blocker

Neowin – May 21, 2019

Mozilla has now released Firefox 67 into the mainstream for users to acquire via its website as a download or as an upgrade via the browser. The release is a notable one as it brings support for WebRender, the ability to block cryptomining and browser fingerprinting from the Content Blocking preferences, and support for the new AV1 video codec on Linux which allows for the transmission of high-quality video efficiently, without the need for paying royalty fees.

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Firefox 67 Released With Cryptominer Blocking, Performance Boost


Mozilla has officially released Firefox 67 to the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android release channels. This version comes with cryptominer and fingerprinter blocking, WebRender, changes to Private Browsing, increased ARM64 support, and improved performance.

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Firefox 67.0 Released With Better Performance, Switches To Dav1d AV1 Decoder

Phoronix – May 21, 2019

Mozilla set sail Firefox 67.0 this morning as the newest version of this web browser and the update is heavy on the feature front.

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Firefox is about to get much, much faster

Engadget – May 21, 2019

Firefox got speedy last year when its Quantum browser rolled out — now it’s set to get even faster. The latest release rolling out today prioritizes its performance management “to-do” list with a set of features that’ll load pages up to 40-80 percent quicker. The browser will now suspend idle tabs, delay lesser-used scripts and skip unnecessary work during start-ups.

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Firefox is now faster than ever, give it a try today

MSPoweruser – May 21, 2019

Mozilla Firefox 67 is now available for download and it comes with improved performance, new privacy features, accessibility improvements and more. To make Firefox faster than ever, Mozilla made several changes including skipping a bunch of unnecessary work during subsequent start-ups, suspending idle tabs and more.

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Firefox Now Has Fingerprinting and Crypto-mining Protection

Security Week – May 21, 2019

Mozilla this week released Firefox 67 to the stable channel with improved protection against tracking and with fingerprinting and crypto-mining protection capabilities.

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Firefox update debuts WebRender, updated AV1 decoder

Devloper – May 21, 2019

Firefox has been updated with a range of significant performance improvements, but developers will be most interested in WebRender’s rollout and the updated AV1 decoder.

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Firefox update debuts WebRender, updated AV1 decoder

Developer Tech – May 21, 2019

Firefox has been updated with a range of significant performance improvements, but developers will be most interested in WebRender’s rollout and the updated AV1 decoder. WebRender is Mozilla’s next-gen GPU-based 2D rendering engine. The technology aims to make browsing feel smoother by moving core graphics rendering processes to the GPU.

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Firefox update is all about speed and fingerprinting protection

TechCrunch – May 21, 2019

Mozilla is currently rolling out Firefox version 67 on Windows, macOS and Linux. And the team is detailing a few changes in a blog post. With today’s new version, users should expect better performances across the board.

Firefox is now better at loading essential content first and delaying non-essential scripts, not loading the auto-fill module if there’s no form on the page, etc.

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Mozilla Firefox 67 Web Browser Officially Released, Here’s What’s New

Softpedia – May 21, 2019

Mozilla Firefox 67 comes with numerous performance improvements and new features to make your Firefox browsing experience better. To improve the overall performance, Mozilla did a few internal changes, such as to lower the priority of the “setTimeout” function during loading of web pages, delayed the component initialization until after Firefox’s start up, as well as to suspend unused tabs.

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Mozilla releases Firefox 67 with speed, privacy enhancements

Liliputing – May 21, 2019

Microsoft may have taken the if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them approach to web browsing by basing its new Edge web browser on Google’s Chromium. But Mozilla continues to be lead the charge of browser independence.

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Mozilla’s revamped to-do list makes Firefox 67 faster than ever

Trusted Reviews – May 21, 2019

Mozilla has announced a new version of its Firefox web browser, which it claims is faster than ever. The foundation says the latest iteration optimises speed and performance by changing how pages load and effectively revamping how the browser manages its time.

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Realtek Wins Three Best Choice Awards at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019, including 2 Best Choice Golden Awards

Realtek – May 21, 2019

HSINCHU, Taiwan – May 21, 2019 – Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW), one of the world’s leading network and multimedia IC providers, announced today that Realtek has won three Best Choice Awards at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019, including 2 Best Choice Golden Awards.

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SVT-AV1 0.5 Released As Intel’s Speedy AV1 Video Encoder

Phoronix – May 19, 2019

While we have been reporting on and benchmarking the Intel SVT video encoders since February, they were only officially announced last month and this Sunday marks their first tagged release for the AV1 encoder in the form of SVT-AV1 0.5.0.

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Google I/O 2019 roundup: All the announcements, news, and devices

Android Police – May 9, 2019

Google I/O is nearly at an end, and Google made a ton of announcements regarding Android, search, the Assistant, and – this year – even new hardware.

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How To Get New Android Q Operating System On Your Smartphone

Intellect Digest – May 9, 2019

Google has launched the tenth version of its Android operating system. The search engine giant claims that the new Android Q OS brings innovation, security/ privacy, and digital wellbeing.

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Android 10 Beta 3 Now Available on 15 OEM Phones

CNX Software – May 8, 2019

Google has now announced Android 10 Beta 3 with a few new features over the first preview release, and support for 15 OEM phones on top of the 6 Pixel phones already supported.

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Everything new in Android Q Beta 3 for the Google Pixel

XDA Developers – May 8, 2019

Google I/O has officially kicked off, and just like we were expecting, a new beta for Android Q has been released.

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Android Q will have native support for data-saving AV1 video codec

Android Police – May 7, 2019

Google is a leading member of the ‘Aliance for Open Media,’ a group of companies working to create a successor to VP8/VP9 (both used in WebM video), called AV1. AV1 is designed to be more compressed than VP9 while still retaining good video quality.

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There Are A Ton Of Interesting GSoC Projects This Year: Dav1d GPU Compute, Wayland, Rust

Phronix – May 6, 2019

Google announced the list of accepted students/projects this year for their annual Summer of Code program.

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Akamai adds Bitmovin to transcoding migration list

CSI – May 4, 2019

Bitmovin has been qualified as a video transcoding partner by Akamai, joining which earned similar status in February, as Akamai retires its own transcoding service.

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Alliance for Open Media developed the AV1 patent-free

LWN – May 3, 2019

The Alliance for Open Media developed the AV1 patent-free video codec and sponsors the development of dav1d, a reference optimized decoder for AV1.

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iPhone 11 performance predictions: Faster than most thin laptops, and strong AI focus

9to5mac – April 16, 2019

iPhone 11 performance will of course be a further improvement over last year’s iPhones, but we don’t yet know much about the A13 chip set to power it.

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What we might expect from Apple’s A13 chip

Macworld – April 16, 2019

We’re still a long way away from hearing anything official about Apple’s next system-on-a-chip.

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GStreamer 1.16 Is Nearly Ready With AV1 For Matroska/MP4 Containers, V4L HEVC

Phoronix – April 15, 2019

The GStreamer 1.16 cycle is slowly coming to an end and today marks the availability of the release candidate for this widely-used, open-source multimedia framework.

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NAB 19 Encoding and QoE Highlights: Here’s What Mattered

Streaming Media – April 15, 2019

Every year I go to NAB with no real product-related expectations. My schedule is more haphazard than strategically organized, packed with companies and friends I want to see and other companies with aggressive marketing folks who happened to call at the right time.

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VLC for Android 3.1.2 Update Comes with Tons of Improvements!

News 4 C – April 15, 2019

Nowadays, smartphones are shipping with massive displays that make them the perfect portable devices to watch online videos on.

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Intel, Netflix release SVT-AV1 video codec

ITWIRE – April 10, 2019

Intel and Netflix have announced a new, high-performance, open source, royalty-free video codec.

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TechCircle – April 9, 2019

Intel Corp., the world's second-biggest semiconductor maker, has joined hands with Netflix Inc., the globe’s dominant streaming service, to release a new video-compression software into the open-source community.

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Intel Partners Netflix to Deliver AV1 Codec for Visual Workloads

BSinfotech – April 9, 2019

Intel and Netflix announced a new high-performance video codec that is available as open source and royalty-free to content creators, developers and service providers at The National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show). Scalable Video Technology for AV1 (SVT-AV1) offers performance and scalability in video processing.

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Intel To Work On AV1 Decoding Support, FFmpeg / GStreamer Plugins

Phoronix – April 9, 2019

Yesterday Intel finally announced their SVT-AV1 video encoder as a promising high-performance AV1 encoder but it turns out they also have open-source plans this year for developing a performant AV1 decoder, among other interesting items on their road-map.

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Royalty-Free Video Codec AV1 Keeps Gaining Ground

Light Reading – April 9, 2019

Backers of AV1, a bit-efficient video codec that’s emerging as a rival to HEVC, claim that the royalty-free offering has made significant progress in terms of adoption and commercial-readiness since its splashy debut here a year ago.

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VLC 3.1 brings back Android Auto support, adds OTG device support, app shortcuts, and more

XDA Developers – April 9, 2019

VLC has been one of my favorite media players for years. It’s great on every platform: computers, phones… and not just because of its ability of “playing whatever you throw at it,” but also because it’s straightforward to use and it includes no fluff or unnecessary stuff on it.

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VLC 3.1 for Android brings back Android Auto support, adds Launcher shortcuts, and more

Lilputing – April 9, 2019

The developers behind popular media player VLC have released a major update for Android devices… including smartphones, tablets, Android TV and Android Auto.

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H.264 Continues to Dominate, and AV1 Is Looking for a Day Job

Streaming Media – April 8, 2019

When it comes to streaming media, there are many opinions but precious few data points. One of the most essential data collections is’s annual Global Media Format Report, which sheds light on many aspects of encoding and related technologies.

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