AV1 Roadmap 2018-03-27T16:35:12-04:00

AV1: The Evolution of the Video Ecosystem Begins Here

Adoption of a new codec always happens in waves, and AOMedia members are speeding industry rollout of AV1.

Phases of AV1

Unblock silicon and content creation tools

Adoption by content creation tools and desktop browsers

Expand reach with hybrid software & silicon implementations

Available on all modern silicon

  • Bitstream specification to unblock silicon implementations
  • Unoptimized, reference software codec released
  • Reference streams for product validation made available
  • Binding specifications for popular media formats and encryption
  • Licensing and cost clarity
  • Better optimized reference codec
  • Popular open source tools and developer frameworks support AV1
  • Early preview in desktop browsers
  • Commercial AV1 codec projects emerge
  • Current generation game consoles support AV1
  • Next-generation silicon used by new AV1-enabled PC, mobile, TV and set=top-box devices
  • Commercial video tools differentiate AV1 with greater optimization and efficiency for scale
  • All new consumer devices support AV1:
    • Playback
    • Camera capture
    • Real-time communication
  • R&D for AV2 has begun in earnest

How the Codec Adoption Engine Works