AV1 Roadmap

AV1: The Evolution of the Video Ecosystem Begins Here

Adoption of a new codec always happens in waves, and AOMedia members are speeding industry rollout of AV1.

  • Bitstream specification to unblock silicon implementations
  • Unoptimized, reference software codec released
  • Reference streams for product validation made available
  • Binding specifications for popular media formats and encryption
  • Licensing and cost clarity

  • Better optimized reference codec
  • Popular open source tools and developer frameworks support AV1
  • Early preview in desktop browsers
  • Commercial AV1 codec projects emerge

  • Current generation game consoles support AV1
  • Next-generation silicon used by new AV1-enabled PC, mobile, TV and set=top-box devices
  • Commercial video tools differentiate AV1 with greater optimization and efficiency for scale

  • All new consumer devices support AV1:
    • Playback
    • Camera capture
    • Real-time communication

How the Codec Adoption Engine Works