Aomedia Releases Optimized Av1 Encoder Svt Av1 Ver_2_0

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AOMedia is excited to announce the release of SVT-AV1 v2.0, coming out of our Software Implementation Working Group (SIWG). The group recently announced the release of SVT-AV1 v2.0, a software update to the SVT-AV1 encoder project. SVT stands for Scalable Video Technology, where “Scalable” refers to the ability of a SW encoder to scale its performance according to the compute capabilities of the platform that it is running, essentially being able to use the maximum amount of allocated resources in achieving the highest possible video quality. The Scalable Video Technology for AV1 (SVT-AV1) is an AOM project that provides an AV1-compliant encoder/decoder library. It aims to develop a high-quality AV1 encoder suitable for various applications, covering use cases from premium Video-on-Demand (VOD) to real-time encoding/transcoding. The SVT-AV1 decoder is designed for future codec research and enables adding/removing coding tools in a single codebase.

Why is it important?

SVT-AV1 delivers improved BD-Rates (a measure of video compression efficiency expressing in percentage the amount of bits necessary to deliver the same quality compared to other encoders) and reduces computational complexity across all presets for VOD use cases. It can offer bit savings of over 30% compared to x264, x265 and libvpx, the popular open-source implementations of AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 and VP9, respectively, at the same compute complexity. More details on all the specific API and encoder updates can be found here.

Where can you find it?

SVT-AV1 v2.0 is now available in GitLab . We encourage you to give it a try! Detailed user manuals, technical documentation, and a list of publications can be found here.

If you run into any challenges or have a question, log an issue in the issues section of the project. This will help the team with future updates, which are done on a quarterly basis. The Software Implementation Working Group also welcomes all contributions to the project.

Thank you to all the members of the Software Implementation Working Group for their ongoing contributions. Your hard work is what makes these updates possible.

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