Codec Working Group Releases Libaom

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The Codec Working Group is pleased to share the recent release of libaom v3.9.0, the latest in a series of regular libaom updates. Libaom, developed by AOMedia, is an open-source video codec library that serves as the reference implementation of the AV1 video compression format and is used in many production systems. Libaom updates occur roughly every three months.

What’s new?

This release includes a range of new features, including support for different Scalable Video Coding (SVC) frame dropping modes and a new build configuration to further reduce binary size when needed. It also features significant compression efficiency enhancements in the form of aggressive speedups for real-time communication (RTC) for both video and screen content.

Perceptual quality for RTC screen content is also improved with this update. Specifically, it features reduced color artifacts for RTC screen content, visual quality improvement for scene changes for SVC with quality layers and the removal of visual artifacts for speed 11.

Arm contributed SVE and SVE2 optimizations that sped up high bit-depth encoding on Arm devices.

Where can you find it?

Due to the wide range of fixes and upgrades included in v3.9.0, the Codec Working Group encourages all libaom users to upgrade.

The source code of the release can be checked out from the git repository using the release tag v3.9.0. Alternatively, you can download the release tarball as well as the signature file.

Thank you to all the members of the Codec Working Group for their ongoing contributions and technology updates.

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