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Content Providers

Include AOMedia technology in your production workflows. Learn how to encode and deploy our technologies.


Influence the design and refinement of AOMedia's next-generation formats and standards.

Hardware & Silicon

If you're implementing our technologies in hardware, we have some helpful resources available here.

AV1 Video Codec

Get on board with the open video compression technology that is revolutionizing the digital media industry.

AOMedia Specifications

Member Spotlight

Raphaƫl Zumer, Vimeo Transcoding Engineer

Vimeo was an early adopter of AV1, and recently deployed AVIF support for all images on its platform. The improvements in coding efficiency of AV1 compared to other supported formats definitely reduces file sizes and improves video quality.

Member Spotlight with CoSMo Software

Developer of Millicast, a Platform-as-a-Service that can scale any single real-time source stream to over 1 million concurrent viewers in WebRTC with under 500ms of end-to-end latency around the globe.

Cisco Principal Engineer Thomas Davies

With AV1 we wanted to contribute coding tools but also make sure that what we had could be used for low-latency applications and real-time software. That meant a focus on complexity and resilience in particular.

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